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  • Who We Are

    Wind Harvest Limited is a technology company founded by a group of traders, computer programmers and portfolio managers who share the same vision in building fully automated, robust and profitable algorithmic trading strategies. We leverage our past experience working as traders and portfolio managers from investment banks and hedge funds to develop those strategies. We have specialized in developing our own trading systems for years. During this period, we successfully built a number of program trading strategies in different financial markets and we have been running them live with our own proprietary capital for years. We have accumulated a lot of valuable experience on the entire process from idea generation, data analysis, back-testing, forward-testing to auto-trading.

  • Our Belief

    No one is born a trader. But with proper training, one can learn how to make systematic trading decisions that give them better odds in making consistent profits in the long run. In the past ten years, we have seen the cost of buying computing power has come down dramatically. And the recent proliferation of the internet, mobile and cloud computing just means the traditional information asymmetry between different investors have narrowed. And those who possess superior IT knowledge can access and process information faster. A human trader can never trade faster and more accurate than a computer. Algo Trading is no longer an exclusive technique used by institutional or high net-worth investors.

    Our belief is anyone who is willing to learn how to use a computer can be trained to be a program trader/investor. The objective of program trading is to trade based on a well-defined set of trading rules. One needs to translate information into a format that a computer can analyze and process. Theoretically, one can translate fundamental data into numerical inputs, and then design trading rules based on those numerical inputs. In technical analysis, we can rely on the historical ‘traded price and volume” which are already in numerical format that a computer can easily understand.

    Algo trading can avoid human fear and greed to make biased and non-optimal decisions in trading. For instance, we always hear retail investors tend to manually cut-loss at the lowest level and chase-in to purchase at the highest price. We believe that in short and medium term, technical force will drive the direction of markets. By algorithmic trading, we can do both short term (e.g. intra-day) and medium term trading based on immediate price action and traded volume, with pre-programmed trading instructions and without human intervention.

  • Our Mission - We can bring you to a whole new level of trading!

    Alpha (“α”) is a measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. It is the excess return of the fund relative to the return of the benchmark index. We are here to help you generate true Alpha (“α”) on your portfolio investment.

    We can introduce you to all of our outperforming trading strategies of a variety of financial markets and give you a big picture on how they basically work. We can also explain to you on our strategy development process in order to let you feel confident on them. Furthermore, we can show you how they have been performing in actual trading environment.

    At the end, our professional team can work closely with you on the capital allocation on our strategies based on your risk appetite. For more information, please click here.

    We believe a well-developed and robust trading strategy can bring you a stable and consistently high return.

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