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  • Algo Trading Technology Solutions

    We provide algo/program trading technology advisory services to small and mid-sized proprietary trading desks and hedge funds. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you with technology planning and product implementation on Algo Trading from formulating datafeed to order routing solutions. These are the things that your larger peers usually have a dedicated IT team to optimize their algo trading operations to obtain most efficient latency vs costs to ensure an effective return on their technology investments.

    Case Study 1:

    We advised a 3-person proprietary trading desk to setup its own fully automated algo trading solutions on global futures. The solutions comprised of:
    1) Advisory on hardware equipment from servers to firewall to routers that support leased line and VPN remote access to facilitate trading from remote locations.
    2) Advisory and implementation on live tick datafeed solutions that offers best latency tradeoff given the global markets requirement.
    3) Advisory on backtesting and automated trading platform.
    4) Advisory and implementation on order routering solutions connecting the Strategy Algo to IB (interactive brokers) and two other global prime brokers.

  • Formulation of Your Trading Ideas

    We offer the service to program your trade ideas if you are less proficient to programming. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to protect your intellectual property. We can provide assistance on maintaining and improving your trading strategies after implementation.

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